Citrine Skull Project
Aqua Skull Project
This job began with a piece of rough citrine quartz weighing slightly over 1000 carats. Total time involved from initial marking to final polish was 24 hours spread over a couple of weeks. The decision to add concave "dimples" to the bottom acounted for five of those hours but introduced wonderful optical effects and was well worth the effort.
Finished weight.....547.15ct.
Dental Work
The slightly hollowed and dimpled bottom of this sculpture creates a wealth of optical fun. When viewed through the concavities of the eyes, nose, and sides of head (which act as reducing lenses) the interior appears filled with swarms of tiny bubbles. When viewed from the convex top of the cranium those same bubbles are magnified for an entirely different effect.
This piece was comissioned by a collector and is not for sale.
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