Engravings In Polished Granite
  The polished surface of 3cm (1.25 ") thick granite allows us to etch amazingly detailed designs  into  exotic materials that are themselves natural works of art.
Vision Serpent on dark brazilian granite. 25"x 12" Maya, Yaxchilan
NW Coast design and  Mayan  glyph. Both on Golden Tempest granite from Brazil.
Sisuital (water monster) NW Coast 20"x7"
Bison 15"x7"
We can create pieces as small as paperweights and bookends and as large as full (5'x10') slabs.
Glyptic Concepts
Whale & Sun
  Golden Tempest Granite
NW Coast
Wolf 17" x 11.4"
Namibian Gold Granite
Whale 17.5"x 10.3"
8.5" x 6.5"
17" x 8.5"
All dimensions indicate stone size.
Altar Q Copan  14" x 25"
2 cm Brazilian Granite