Sumatran Blue Agate
Blue Chalcedony
We were lucky enough to obtain some AA grade rough from this remote deposit on a recent buying trip. According to the miner/geologist we spoke to, there will never be a large production from this site. It is a small deposit on the side of a volcano many hours journey on foot from the nearest road.  This material occurs as nodules and geodes in colors ranging from a nice blue to lavender. Some pieces exhibit outstanding 'turtleback' effect. Other nodules exhibit beautiful banding and fortifications. If you are a collector or a jeweler with an eye for the rare and unusual don't hesitate too long or you may miss a great opportunity to own a beautiful gem from this unique source.
The Sumatran material is very limited in supply. We purchase it in the rough when possible but also buy native-cut stones for re-cutting. These workers do an admirable job given the limitations of their equipment. However, they usually cut primarily for size and weight. We re-cut these stones to refine shape, finish, and overall quality.