We can etch boulders of any size  within a radius of 100 miles of Ellensburg,Washington.
Schedule a time for us to come check out the suitability of your stone. If we decide to take on the job we will take measurements, digital photos,and perhaps  do some prep work during that first visit.

Back at the shop we will design the layout on our computer and if possible fax or e-mail sample lay-outs to you. Upon approval, stencils are cut out of a heavy rubber "resist" material and a date set to do the actual blasting.

Most boulder jobs require at least a full day to complete....sometimes more. Even the simplest jobs require careful preparation, execution, and clean-up. We want your boulder to look BETTER after we've gotten ahold of it, not worse, and good results take time!
Give us a call at 509 962-9446   or e-mail us at willj@kvalley.com
Onsite Stone Etching
There is a minimum charge of $1200 for onsite work